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IT Network Services:

  • Routing & Switching

  • Security Appliances & Firewalls

  • WAN Optimization

  • VoIP & Unified Communications

  • Quality of Service (QoS)

IT Network Services

We Provide enterprise-level, highly secure Wired and wireless access Network for businesses of any size, and easily manage your network. Wi-Fi, access point and router. Network Services specify common interfaces for web services includes discovery services, view services, download services, transformation services, services allowing spatial data services to be invoked. Based on these common interfaces, generic client applications can be developed that allow users to search for specific data to download them or to visualize them in interactive way.

Any business is only as productive as its weakest link – don’t let that link be your company network. An unreliable (or, even worse, broken) intercompany network can cripple a business while directly affecting the bottom line. Ensuring your network makes sense for your business while maintaining proper connectivity and permissions is what our certified IT professionals do best through our computer network services. Modern Data has the knowledge and experience gained from working with some of the largest companies to make your network work for you.

Annual Maintenance Contract Services

We are identified as one of the reliable companies offering annual maintenance contract service and Computer AMC rather you can say we are the one of the best service provider and as for us a regular computer maintenance service and Network maintenance services is probably the simplest and most effective way to keep your PC and network hub running in good condition. The user or the company worries and rightfully so about viruses, malware, spyware, network jammers, hackers and other nasties, yet the majority of users experience no significant problems with these issues. But every networks or computers, everywhere, is at risk from the number one threat to your PC’s or Networks delicate electronics: dust? Is also one of the biggest problem it may makes users sick and computer as well.

Most users never think about cleaning their PCs or workstations, and neither do our clients, because we make sure all their machines are cleaned and properly configured according to a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule. Our computer maintenance service takes care of the big stuff as well as the small stuff, so your system stays in peak condition with superb productivity.

We can offer your company a support and service contract to keep your business' computer systems and network at peak performance. The service contract includes regular scheduled maintenance for all systems and equipment at an agreed service level and cost

Annual Maintenance Services: Computers & Networking

  • Computer AMC : On-site General Maintenance support
  • Computer Repair : On-site and Off-site Support
  • Networking : On-site and Off-site support
  • Networking : Remote systems management
  • Data Recovery Services

Among other purposes, infrastructure management was designed:

  • To reduce duplication of effort
  • To ensure adherence to standards
  • To enhance the flow of information throughout an information system
  • We promote adaptability necessary for a changeable environment
  • We Ensure interoperability among organizational and external entities
  • We do Maintainance Effectivly
  • Change management policies and practices accordingly

IT Infrastructure Management Services

We are providing a wide range of System Integration services that involves total IT solutions including hardware, network and software implementations. All enterprises, be it small, medium or large, spend proportionately on their IT infrastructure. IT infrastructure can range from something as simple as one computer loaded with the right software to something as large as a network of 1000-3000 spread across floors. Managing the computing, networking, storage, and maintenance of such a huge number of systems is a humongous task. To make the situation worse, the technology is constantly moving ahead, making it impossible to use the old and outdated resources. Without any experts to help, technology becomes more of a hindrance and less of an enabler. We have an expertise in understanding our customer's unique requirements and giving a cost effective solution that involves both the components with required modules.

To help business meet these challenges achieve more with less cost. The current economic climate is forcing organizations to explore tactics to remain competitive. Businesses are obstinately trying to increase revenues and cut costs. We have a global team with local Service Delivery Manages & Team Leaders who bring real time access of skilled people to your door steps.

For every organizations caught between managing their IT infrastructure and business pressures to go digital, infrastructure management and services helps by optimizing IT infrastructure and applications related to day to day business operations. This would not only result in cost savings and increased operational efficiencies, it would also help them self-fund growth initiatives and innovation in infrastructure management and services. As a result, organizations would become more agile, thereby enabling them to keep pace with the rapid changes occurring in the digital world.

Enterprise Security Services

In today's enterprise business world, operations cannot be trustworthy without ensuring highest level of Information, Data security and other security compliance like Cache Managed Information Security services which helps organizations build a strong information security management system and guide them to achieve industrial compliance certifications. Cache also helps the organizations to use technology to safeguard their information and data by integrating diverse security technology. Integration of well- defined security controls, policies, topologies and enterprise security solutions ensure organization consistently meets the security compliance Requirements.

We will create the most comprehensive enterprise security solutions that are required to fulfill today's security challenges. Our end-to-end security services are well-qualified to develop robust security infrastructure for your organization.

Our Security Services can help you detect, prevent, and respond to cyber-attacks with an integrated approach to enterprise security solutions.

Wide Range of Enterprise Security Services

  • Managed Security Services.
  • Enhanced Security Services.
  • Threat Hunting as a Services
  • Professional Services
  • Cyber Security Services

Fully managed hosting includes:

  • Secured Server Monitoring.
  • Full Back-up and Storage.
  • Server Configuration and Maintenance.
  • Instant Flexible Support.
  • Reduced cost of operation.
  • More effective use of resource.

Hosting & Management Services

Our enterprise-class hosting services are maintained and monitored 24/7, as a customer, can select suitable type of equipment, operating systems and value-added services, including shared switches and virtual firewalls.

Under our Managed Services the users make use of application or resources that are completely managed by managed service provider. The MSPs allow users to outsource their various network and application needs with complete support. The applications are hosted and managed by the managed service provider only.

A managed service provider (MSP) delivers network, application, system and e-management services across a network to multiple enterprises, using a “pay and use” pricing model.

We provide Hosting and managed services by play an active role when it comes to helping enterprises evaluate right digital transformation strategies, migrate workloads, managing networks and infrastructure, backed with securing data and applications. At presents a vast set of opportunities for managed service providers with increasing application and infrastructure migration from on-premises to cloud.

Managed hosting is usually a continuation of dedicated hosting, whereby the required hardware is owned by the hosting provider and is leased to a single client. It differs from other forms of dedicated hosting, however, in the fact that the day-to-day management and maintenance of the servers is handled by the hosting provider rather than by the clients themselves.

Technology Services

We offers a cleansed Services approach to all things technical. We provide a custom tailor a package of services to fit your specific business needs.

We specializes in technology focused services by combining the processes and functions of software, hardware, networks, telecommunications and electronics. We specialize in delivering end-to-end solutions including Networking, Infrastructure, Identity Management Solutions, RFID Solutions and IOT Solutions. 1ZERO8, as a system integrator for more than 16 years in order to assure the quality and the professionalism of our delivered service.

Whether you are a small business startup looking for technical direction or a medium enterprise seeking additional service and support resources, rely on 1Zero8 for quality service to meet your needs.

Choose from a wide range of Technology services including:

  • Total IT Support
  • Managed services
  • On-site and remote support
  • Project management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Application Development & Maintenance.

Choose from a wide range of Consultancy Services including:

  • Business Process Consultancy
  • Managed services
  • Corporate Performance Management

Consultancy Services

We provides public and private sector client consultancy services including the study of customer journey, client customer and client technology integration analysis, and recommendations for improving client experiences at each technology touchpoint. While organizations offer an increasing number of technology touch points to their clients (Mobile application, websites, self-service, service centers, Customer feedback unites, etc.), they are often unable to improve service quality and client satisfaction. Our consultancy services provide a seamless customer journey by linking both virtual and physical worlds, and builds a detailed understanding of the client’s processes throughout the customer’s journey to provide clear and actionable recommendations that deliver enhanced client experience and increased efficiency.

1Zero8 Technologies of Dubai, can help make the IT decision making process easier. We both advise and guide your organization on how to use IT to meet its business goals and execute across all areas of the IT implementation process.

Business Services

Our business services are delivered to customers, supporting their needs, sometimes through the support for a business process or directly supporting a service or product delivered to end customers. Our business process automation capitalize on our experience, technologies, and methods in order to assure a smooth implementation. The main differentiator of our services is that it covers business requirement and it considers all technical aspects.

Business services is a general term that describes work that supports a business but does not produce a actual substance. Information technology (IT) is an important business service that supports many other business services such as procurement, shipping and finance.

Our experts associate with your teams to develop the most suitable solutions to fit your unique requirements. We believe that this human-centered approach to technology is what makes the difference for your business.

With 100+ Business Services experts in UAE and INDIA, speaking over 18 languages, we’re ready to help your business unleash its potential.

Business Services including:

  • Smart City Solutions
  • Portals and Collaboration
  • Oracle Management Services
  • Mobility Services
  • Software AG
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Microsoft Management Services
  • Business Process Automation