We are a Network Infrastructure and Software Consultant providing all solutions and services under one Roof...

We Are an IT Consultant

1Zero8 Technologies has built a reputation for implementing and managing smart technology that helps our clients improve how they do business. Getting the most from your IT investments starts by selecting the right solution provider that is we and you are in the right place now. The 1Zero8 Technology has the capability and having a smart team that has years of experience providing the right IT solutions to it are many satisfied customers.

We believe we have the most motivated, talented and competent people working in our various divisions. Our storied experience in the region helps us understand the market dynamics and local sensitivities of each client we serve. Our strategy is to shift to higher-margin technologies and match the evolution of online solutions by delivering comprehensive end-to-end electronic services across several sectors.

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Our Customers Come First

1Zero8 Technologies has built a reputation for implementing and managing smart technology that helps our clients improve how they do business. The 1Zero8 team has years of experience providing the right IT solutions to many satisfied customers and support staff are completely dedicated to our client’s satisfaction.

We do the best

1Zero8 Technologies offer the latest products and stay abreast of technological advances allowing us to provide flexible business solutions to meet ever changing business needs. We believe that integrating technology requires the right personnel, we employ only specialists who are both technologically and commercially oriented.

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Focus on your Business, let us handle your I.T.

We are committed to helping our clients to reach their goals, to personalising their event of experiences, to providing an innovative ambiance, and to making a difference...

InGot Hours

Preallotted-paid Ingot Hours are a perfect solution for businesses needing guaranteed, but some time irregular access to support engineers or technical consultants etc,.. ingot hours can be used for compassionate support, maintenance or small projects. by this also provide an extra support hours are awarded to customers on a sliding scale: The more ingot Hours you buy the more free hours we provide you with technical benifit's.

Instant Solutions

If you just need an technical consultant or engineer who was dedicated or engaged to you for an urgent instant-fix, instant support might meet your needs

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24/7 Remote Monitoring

Automonitoring detects system issues and notifies us of them as they emerges, allowing for immediate response as appears and from this added advantage of the remote network connection, the most work can be carried out offsite.


1Zero8 Technologies recognize that technology moves fast. At Network Solutions Provider, we focus on helping your business stay up to date with the latest IT solutions. We specialize in designing, implementing and managing...

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Network Infrastructure Services

We Provide enterprise-level networking, highly secure Wired and wireless access Network for businesses of any size, and easily manage your network. Wi-Fi,...

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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

We are identified as one of the trustworthy companies offering Networking AMC service and Computer AMC rather you can say we are the one of...

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Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security Services

In today's enterprise business world, operations cannot be performed without ensuring highest level of Information, Data security and other security...

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Friendly Support

24/7 User Friendly Support

Its perfect for smaller businesses, our Remote-IT package offers a cost-effective yet unlimited remote support service with 24x7 monitoring of your IT... Read More


1Zero8 is here to deliver specially designed IT Infrastructure solutions. We passionatly continue to expand and develop our services to help clients businesses...

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Network Solutions

With an Advanced Network Solutions, you don’t get an IT geek, but you get a team of IT geeks that holds...

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Smart IT Solutions

We endeavor to lead in new invention, development and creation of the most advanced information technologies for...

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Security Solutions

We offer a wide range of advanced security solutions to secure critical enterprise firm assets and safeguard access...

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IOT Solutions

Transforming homes into a smart home, smart buildings to smart cities and making smart industries like Banking, Healthcare...

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We Provide an Offerdable Annual Maintainence Services...

Bundle Offer, Best Sales plans...

AED499* / Day

Extensive Annual Maintenance Contract

  • 365 Days On Site

  • Include labour

  • Routine preventive Maintenance

  • Ideal for Big Installation Base

  • Note: Terms and Conditions apply
  • Based on employee strength & the number of devices to manage
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AED199* / Hour

On Call Out Contract

  • Charges per Problem

  • No Replacement of Spares

  • Less Priority Compared to AMC

  • Ideal for Budgeted User

  • Note: Terms and Conditions apply
  • Changes can be done if required after site inspection
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We are very successful to have excellent partnerships with many of our clients and We have not only build a working relationships with them but also we have formed true friendships...